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Sphere Saga isn't the permanent name btw - I don't really know what to call it.

Try it - it's free - you have nothing to lose!

This game is in a VERY VERY EARLY STAGE - so don't expect too much as of now - it is very short right now. I'm going to be frequently updating this (at least once a week) with new content (I won't be updating it as much during August as I will be very busy then) . I released it because I want to see what people think the game should have/should be. Should I make it level based? Or should I make it one giant level that takes a loooong time to beat. Maybe both and make it a bit like geometry dash? You tell me!


  • A to move left 
  • D to move right
  • Space to instantly retry the level
  • Pretty much it - the ball moves forward itself


  • AVOID THE BARRELS (apart from the blue ones at the end)
  • FAIL
  • FAIL
  • FAIL
  • *cycle repeats until you somehow win*

Current features:

  • Barrels
  • Surprise barrels
  • Minimalist Graphics
  • Low visibility to make it harder to react to what's coming next
  • A hard level that's short but takes a long time to complete cause of the difficulty - don't worry I plan to make it longer
  • A random guy developer who wants to listen to the community - if you request a feature it is very likely that it will be added (the only thing that limits me is my crappy coding skills - I'll learn and try to implement what you want)
  • Unlimited Potential

Things I'm going to add/do:

  • Make the level longer
  • Literally anything you request (apart from jumping - if I add jumping it's going to make the game 100x easier)

I used Brackey's channel to help me with the coding.

Thanks for reading!


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